About Steph

Hey there! I’m Steph: the “art and soul” behind Art to Self. Ever since I was a little girl, I wanted to be a cartoonist. So being able to create art almost every day and share it with the world is ridiculously awesome. Here’s a little bit more about me and how this crazy daily art journey got started…

About Steph Halligan

Why I started (and need)
Art to Self

If you asked me right now to describe myself, I’d say a lot of good things: I’m positive, caring, curious, creative, contemplative, grounded, joyful and all-around happy.

But ask me in a not-so-good moment? I feel like an over-analytical, obsessive, untethered, self-critical perfectionist.Yeah. Ouch.

Every day I deal with that duality: one side of me that believes I can do anything versus the other side that’s scared to do anything. It’s the side that knows I’m amazing versus the side that doubts everything I do.

Which is why my room is covered in sticky notes with quotes and doodles to remind me of my “awesomeness.” Because if there are two things in this world that always brighten my day, it’s reminders that I’m awesome and drawing cartoons.

The power of
daily cartoon notes

Steph Halligan

If I’m having a crappy day, I draw cartoons and write notes to remind me that I’m amazing. And if I’m having a fantastic day, I make cartoons and notes for an extra boost of positivity.

I wanted to start sharing my motivational cartoons with the world. So I began Art To Self, a place where I could create and share my thoughts and art every single day. And I watched my cartoon notes transform into something incredible.

What started as my own personal practice turned into an incredible platform to remind others of their own awesomeness. And what started as a simple place to share my cartoon notes grew into an incredible community of fans, support and love.

These are my daily art notes: intentions and affirmations to help me start off each day with positivity, perspective and a smile.

Welcome to my sketchpad, my thoughts and my journey. You’re awesome for being here.

Yours in love and art,

– Steph

P.S. Art to Self is fueled by reader donations. Yup, this baby runs off love and karma. If you love what I do, I’d love your support!

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