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About Art to Self and Steph Halligan: For all those moments of growth and change, challenge and triumph, this book is your doodle-filled reminder that you’re amazing (even if you feel anything but). Based on the daily inspirational cartoons at, this compilation of cartoons notes are the reminders that we all need for life’s big (and small) moments: reminders to accept where we are, believe we’re enough, love the messiness of life and let go and live boldly.

Presented in four sections—You Are Here, You Are Enough, Embrace the Messiness and Live Bolder—Art to Self has a message and a cartoon for wherever we are on the journey of life.

Steph Halligan, a motivational cartoonist, started creating daily cartoon notes on as a way to add more positivity and art into her everyday her life. What started as a personal practice turned into an incredible community of fans and followers.

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