About Art to Self

Hey there! I’m Steph: the “art and soul” behind Art to Self. Ever since I was a little girl, I wanted to be a cartoonist and an author. So a few years ago, I decided to create a place to share my thoughts and work with the world. A place where I could share my deepest emotions, struggles and triumphs with a little humor and a lot of doodles.

Now over 450 cartoons later, Art to Self has turned into something even bigger than I could’ve imagined. Here’s a little bit more about how crazy art journey got started…

About Steph Halligan

Why I started Art to Self

There’s a familiar duality that lives inside of all of us: one side of ourselves that believes we can do anything versus another side that’s scared to do anything. It’s the side that knows we are inherently amazing versus the side that doubts we have any power.

I’ve dealt with that emotional roller coaster a lot – as an artist and a human with a complicated life. But the one thing that’s always helped me process it all? Art.

If I’m in a down mood, write notes to myself, reminding me of who I truly am. If I’m grappling with a complicated idea, I sit down to doodle it out. And if I’m having a fantastic day, I create cartoons and notes for an extra boost of positivity.

Art to Self is the natural extension of me: a place for self-expression and self-discovery. A place to build confidence and self-worth. And the biggest joy for me is getting to share that with others.

Steph Halligan

The power of
daily cartoon notes

I began Art To Self as a place where I could document and share my art. And when I started two years ago, I set out with a daunting mission: to write and draw every single day.

Each day, I woke up to reflect, write, doodle and share a cartoon love note with my audience. For two years, this was my practice. And over that time, I watched Art to Self blossom from my own artistic journal into a tool of self-love for others.

What started as my own personal practice turned into an incredible platform to help others. What started as a simple place to share my cartoon notes grew into an incredible community of fans, support and love.

Art to Self is now being read and used across the world: in the classrooms, with counsellors, as heart-felt bedtime stories for kids and as personal affirmations for adults.

Art to Self used to be just my own home for cartoon musings and life lessons. It’s now become a place for the rest of the world. And for that, I am forever in awe and gratitude.

Yours in love and art,

– Steph

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