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There are two things I love talking about: loving where you’re at in life and using your passion. And I’d love to inspire your audience to do just that! I’ve spoken at John Hancock’s MLK Summer Scholars, FinCon, the FitFam Foundation, Heatherwood Middle School, the Assets Learning Conference and many webinars and podcasts over the years. And of course, I use cartoons in all of my speeches! My presentations include:

For Youth:

For Entrepreneurs:

For Women’s groups:


“Stephanie spoke to our middle schoolers. She was encouraging, passionate and engaging!” Aline B., paraeducator with the Everett School District

“Stephanie is a bundle of joy and inspiration.” – Audrey Tan, Co-Founder of PlayMoolah

“Thanks to Stephanie and her valuable insight and wisdom… attendees walked away with a new confidence.” – Chianti Lomax and Atyia Sapp, Co-Founders of FitFam Foundation

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Steph Halligan Speaking


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