If you’re feeling anxious…

How to find a worry-free space when you’re feeling anxious and full of worry


If you’re feeling anxious,
Please know it’s not just you
It’s hard to be a human
Who lives in the world we do


There’s so much on this planet
That makes this an anxious place,
Like a ball of stress suspended in
A stress-filled outer space


But it’s not all bad, it’s not all stress
‘Cause all you really need
Is to find one space that’s safe and calm
And warm and worry-free

Where not a thing can harm you
And you understand you’re safe
Like playing tag when you were young
And running to home base


The good news is these spaces
Are so reachable and near
There’s safety and there’s comfort
In the day-to-day right here

It’s snuggled under blankets
And it’s in a warm embrace
It’s in a cup of coffee
At your favorite coffee place


It’s petting dogs and petting cats
It’s breathing in the air
It’s watching funny movies
In your favorite underwear


Your favorite song, your best friend’s voice
You only need one place
To find a little slice of joy
And remind yourself you’re safe

I know the world feels tough right now
In every sort of way
But you can find some comfort
In the simple everyday


So it’s okay to feel this way
Just know you’re not alone
And all it takes is one safe space
To help you feel at home


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