Dear Self,It can be both

It can be both

Art to Self the book is almost here. And getting it out into the world was the most beautiful and terrifying undertaking in my professional life.

The crazy thing about writing a book (and fulfilling my childhood dream) is how many emotions it brings up… like all of the emotions. Decades of emotions.

It’s the incredible giddiness and joy of finally holding my very own book in my hand and the incredible fear of releasing something so personal into the world. It’s deep satisfaction, appreciation and love mixed with anxiety, sadness and frustration.

It’s exalting and exhausting. And it’s a big ol’ cluster of good and bad.

But instead of judging the bad feelings that are bubbling up, I’m realizing it can be both. The richest experiences in life are both. And this was one of the richest experiences of my life.

All those feelings? That just means I care about this with all of my being.

It can be both. Let it be all things at once.

– Steph

Inspired by: The crazy up-and-down feelings of my book launch

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