Dear Self,Let it ebb and flow

Letit ebb and flow

I was riding a wave – a fast-moving, high-cresting wave of optimism, creativity and momentum.

And then it crashed. And I crashed with it.

The only reason I crashed was that I forgot how waves work – how life works. That life ebbs and flows and goes up and down.

So I’ve been riding the waves. And I’m becoming grateful for the ebbs, the moments of stillness where the water recedes and I have time to pause, reflect and regenerate.

Because as much as I want to keep riding the high-cresting waves, the moments where the water withdraw are just as special. That’s where I can see all the depth and the beauty underneath the wavy surface.

Let it ebb and flow. And ride the waves as they come.

– Steph

Inspired by: A wave of client work and travel followed by a much-needed ebb

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