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Art to Self Book

The Art to Self Book

A black-and-white collection of 100+ of the best Art To Self notes.

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The Art to Self Coloring Book

The Art to Self Coloring Book

40 of your favorite hand-drawn, colorable Art to Self cartoons.

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Book + Coloring Book Bundle

Buy autographed copies of both books and get 20% off!

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Creative Confidence Course

Creative Confidence Course

Break through your creative blocks, stop procrastinating and make what you're meant to make

Online Course $25
Happy to Be Me A Tree

Happy to Be Me, A Tree!

A tall tale of growth and self-love for children of all ages.

Amazon $10 Autographed $20
Mindful Mornings Guide

Mindful Mornings Digital Guide

A step-by-step illustrated guide to feeling zen even on stressful mornings

Digital guide $19