The Thread


Come back to the center


How to come back to the center, when the world has shaken you. And you cannot tell what's up or down or what feels right or true...

We The Dots


Here’s a tale about the dots who all fought for a spot on top, and how they found a point of view that helped unite both red and blue...

If you’re feeling anxious…


Feeling anxious? You're not alone. But there's an easy way to find a worry-free space when you're feeling full of worry. Here's how.

How to Stop the Imposter Syndrome Police

How to fight imposter syndrome

The Imposter Syndrome Police is the voice in my head that asks, "Who the heck do you think you are?" And there's only one way to stop them.

Happy To Be Me, A Tree!


There once was a tree, a tiny young tree, that grew in the forest and wanted to be just as tall as the other great oaks he could see...