Dear Self,The path is always squiggly

The path is always squiggly

I’ve been looking for a clear, straight path ahead. I’ve been working really hard to pave the road so I can guarantee a quick and smooth journey.

But then I look behind me. And I remember how squiggly the path was to get to where I am today.

I couldn’t have predicted the route here. There were detours, roadblocks and surprise passengers who hopped on for the ride. It felt like a mess at the time. But it in the end, the path was perfect. The path lead me here.

So as I look at the road ahead, I don’t mind the squiggly-ness. Because I know no matter how messy it gets, I’m still on the right path. And I know the squiggly path leads to the best places in life.

The path is always squiggly… and it will always bring you exactly to where you’re meant to be.

– Steph

Inspired by: The animal coloring book on my wish list for some colorin’ and squigglin’

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