Happy To Be Me, A Tree!

Happy to Be Me A Tree

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There once was a tree, a tiny young tree
That grew in a forest and wanted to be
Just as tall as the other great oaks he could see
And he declared with a smile, “I can’t wait ’til that’s me!”

There was one tree he admired, an oak oh so grand
The most beautiful grandfather oak in the land
He stood in the shadow of this almighty tree
Marveling at the oak that he’d like to be


One fine spring day, the young tree began growing
His branches were thicker, his leaves were now showing
The animals all gathered ’round just to see
How the sapling was becoming a beautiful tree.

“What bright leaves! What smooth bark! And your branches are great!”
But the tree shook his head and he said, “Just you wait!”
“I’ll be stronger and bigger and taller… you’ll see!
So come back in a bit when I’ll be a real tree!”

Happy tree

The tiny tree pointed at the almighty oak
And puffed up his branches and leaves when he spoke,
Declaring, “One day I’ll be grand just like him!”
“We’ll see…” said the oak with an all-knowing grin.

More seasons passed, and the spring turned to fall
And the once-tiny tree was now so big and tall.
His roots ran so deep, his trunk weighed a ton,
His branches now reached all the way to the sun.

The animals all gathered ’round just to see
And to marvel in awe at the beautiful tree.
“So grand and so strong, towering over the rest!”
But the tree brushed it off. “No, this isn’t my best…”

Happy tree 7

“These leaves? This is nothing. Just you wait and see!
I can’t wait til I grow up and become a real tree!”
He turned to the oak, who was chuckling lightly
“I’ll be grand just like you!” said the younger tree brightly.

Then one bright sunny day, the tree woke with a jump
When he turned to the oak…
He was gone. Just a stump.


“What happened?!” He shrieked. “Where’s the grandfather oak?!”
“The great tree I looked up to? This must be a joke…”
The oak-now-turned-stump opened his eyes and replied,
“I’m still here, still part tree! It’s not like I’ve died!”

“It’s shocking to see myself all chopped away.
Is this what you’re so eager to turn into someday?”
“My dear tree,” the stump said. “Why are you are waiting to be
What you already are – a magnificent tree?”


The young tree thought for a moment and looked back and reflected
On how much of his life he had waited, expected
To change and become some what more of a tree
When he was already the best version he could be.

The grandfather oak-stump gave him a wink, “That’s the key…
To be here where you are as yourself, as a tree.”
“Your growth is forever and ever… ’til it’s not.
So please dream of tomorrow, but please love what you’ve got.


“The secret is loving today and then knowing
That forever you’ll always be changing and growing
So there’s no need to change and there’s no one to be…
Except right now, as you are. As a tree.”

From that moment on, the tree passed his days.
Knowing he was a tree and accepting the praise
Of animals who’d remark how grand it must be
To be such a big, magnificent, beautiful tree.


The tree still looked up to his old oak-stump friend
Who reminded him that all of this growth never ends.
He was still so excited to change and to grow.
To live through the seasons, the sun and the snow,
But he was also content and so happy to be
Just the way that he was, here right now…

A tree.

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